Surfing spots in South-West of France. Capbreton, Hossegor and Seignosse are the best.

Miles and miles of beach breaks that serve up some of the meanest sand-bottom barrel riding waves you will ever surf. When it’s pumping, Hossegor is always a starting point – do a little surf check and decide what you prefer Capbreton, Hossegor or Seignosse.


The best time for waves in France is spring and autumn. The best surfing months for waves in Hossegor are March/April or September/October. The summer months , as expected, will be small surf.This section of the coastline from Capbreton to Seignosse really offers any surfer as massive playground of waves. From beginner waves to expert waves, small waves to big waves, winter or summer the South-West of France rocks.Seignosse is great for surfing in the summer months , because it’s normally super consistant with waves around the 1m range , light winds and works on both tides low and high. You can stay on the beach and surf all day witnessing waves coming alive with the changing tides.When the swell drops head straight to le Penon and les bourdaines where the best summer sandbanks can be found. These surf spot works best on the high tide as the waves break (very) close to the beach and can turn up some great barrel rides meters from the beach. The low tide produces amazing rides on the outside sandbanks for all levels and expect long perfect rides.Les estagnots, les bourdaines and Penon have some insanely round barrels and ripple peaks and works on the smallest swells to the 1,5 m range. Great for all levels when below 1m and the tides are good.

“my best surfing memories in France come from Seignosse. So many good surfing days i have had. The longs days on the beach surfing multiple sessions per day enjoying the summer surf and sun on the beach”

Hossegor produces world class waves that are normally considered as large shore break waves that break very close to the beach and that are technically very difficult to master. This is a experts only type of wave, however if you are watching from the shoreline it makes for a awesome 180° surf arena with high performance surfing from the world’s best surfers. It’s a thrill to watch from the beach!!La Graviere works best in the spring , summer and during the September and October months when the real winter swells start to kick in and if the sandbanks are nicely groomed, the winds stays offshore and the tide is right expect crazy perfect bottomless pits.In Hossegor near the pier is la Sud and perfect for beginners when the swell is up. This short stretch of beach offers long rides and works best on the low to mid tides. Surf schools available on the beach and is walking distance to Hossegor central where all the shops , bars , food snacks can be found.

Capbreton is always the calmer side so when the surf is big and difficult head to Capbreton to find smaller , more surf able conditions between the piers. Works best on the low to mid tides.“Capbreton comes alive when the surf is big and around the 2m range it gets super heavy. The results of past wars left big massive concrete bunkers at Santosha and la piste on the beach which makes for a must see and surf”